Social Media Marketing for Events in Perth

The Client: Fremantle Chilli Festival 2015 - MAd Hat Media

Olé Paella Catering is Perth’s leading paella and tapas catering company. Olé Paella Catering became main sponsor of the Araluen Fremantle Chilli Festival in 2015 and assigned Mad Hat Media for the social media marketing activities for this event in Perth.

The Challenge:

Araluen’s Fremantle Chilli Festival is a popular yearly event for the whole family and runs over 2 days.

Mad Hat Media were assigned to manage Olé Paella’s social media marketing channels (Facebook and Twitter) during the 2-day festival to:

  • increase reach of their social media activities,
  • increase ticket sales for the event
  • increase sales at their paella stall
  • increase brand awareness for the Olé Paella brand
  • increase after sales and bookings for private functions

The Plan:

The social media experts from Mad Hat Media created a social media marketing strategy using a combination of free and paid advertising options on Facebook.

Activities on social media started one month before the actual event. First we created custom event for the Chilli Festival on Facebook, assigned Olé Paella Catering as Host and added custom graphics.  In the days before the event we introduced participating stall holders on the event page and created a network of links on business pages within Facebook.

We’ve published maps, stage times and information of the event, and invited residents of Fremantle. We’ve answered to questions from the general public in regards to pricing, opening hours, facilities etc.

Successful Social Media Marketing for Events in Fremantle and Perth

One of our dedicated social media managers attended the event on both days and updated Facebook and Twitter with photos and information about cooking shows and competitions. Questions from guests and general public on Facebook were dealt with almost instantly.

We took photos on our mobile devices to use on social media then and there. In addition we took photos with professional camera equipment for later use.

We’ve cross-promoted the event and the sponsor on several websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts to gain the highest possible reach.

The Outcome:Araluen's Fremantle Chilli Festival 2015-09-03 12-12-10

The social media marketing campaign for this event was a success with these direct outcomes:

  • Increased bookings for Olé Paella Catering after and even during the event
  • Increased brand awareness for Olé Paella Catering
  • Increased Likes on Facebook
  • Increased brand awareness for Fremantle Chilli Festival
  • Increased ticket sales for the event
  • Increased visibility on social media for participating stall holders

The Results:

  • Reached 107k people on Facebook
  • 4.3k people on Facebook looked at the event
  • 1.7k people engaged (invited friends, Liked, commented on or shared content)
  • over 17000 tickets were sold in 2015
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