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What is Google Shopping? 

Google Shopping Set-Up Perth | Mad Hat Media

Google Shopping ads (or Product Listing ads) are a standard feature on many Google search results.  This means the reach of a Shopping ads is huge, and can be as targeted as you like. If your Google product ad (with its details and price) is listed and appropriately bid to the right shoppers, your customers will see you. From there shoppers have the details in front of them to make informed buying decisions before they click through to your website.

Australians spent $41.3 billion on online shopping in 2017.

Let Mad Hat Media take care of your Google Shopping Set-Up Perth.

Why do you need Google Shopping?

We all know that good ad campaigns result in successful product sales. And that goes for online shopping too. However setting up your products and their bidding structure is a tricky challenge.

65% Australia shops online and this trend is going up.

More and more people are choosing to shop online than actually stepping outside to visit a retail shop. In fact 4 out of 10 people buy products from eCommerce stores at least once a month.  So it’s vital that your shop is a level competitor on this ever-changing playing field to reach the consumers in your market.

Google Shopping and Adwords work together and when well optimised will show your products in the relevant search results that lead to a sale.

Google Shopping ads are one of the leading traffic sources that can give you the ultimate edge. 

The best thing about Google Shopping is that you only pay for a result.  If you make a sale through Google Shopping you pay a fee, otherwise it’s free.

Google Shopping ads can therefore be more cost effective than other ads as you only need enter the product data once, and Google will then run your ads for you without you needing to revisit time and time again.

How we can help with your Google Shopping Set-Up Perth

We’ll assist you develop the best bidding strategies to find a successful balance between bidding too low (your ads won’t show up), or bidding too high (no profit).

We will also integrate Google Shopping with your eCommerce store to directly import into the Google Merchant Centre (shopping account).

We’re experts across the Google platforms and are ready to help you maximise for results. 

We can offer the following services:

  • Campaign creation and configuring
  • Keyword research including negative keywords
  • Product listing
  • Feed optimisation, scheduling and strategy
  • Management, maintenance and fixes

Let us set up your Google Shopping and draw upon our experience to master this often-confusing platform.

Give us a call today, connect on Facebook and LinkedIn to chat about Google Shopping Set-Up Perth.

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