AdWords Management

If you want to be on page 1 on Google in the Ads section Google AdWords are the way to go.

Mad Hat Media’s online marketing specialists manage your Google AdWords campaigns to boost traffic to your website. [learn more…]

e-Commerce Websites

It is time for your business to enter the online retail space with an online shopping cart! With beautiful web design, intelligent information architecture and exceptional usability your e-commerce website will boost your business! [learn more…]

Graphic Design

Whether you are interested in creative logos, business cards, flyers of any size, marketing brochures, food or product menus, responsive web designs or even banners for digital marketing campaigns such as Adwords, we are here to realise your vision. [learn more…]

Reputation Management

Let’s not beat around the bush: we’ve all looked up the internet for information about our ex-partners, current partners, employees, bosses, businesses, restaurant and everything else. Having good reviews online can make or brake your business. Get a grip on your online reputation now. [learn more…]

Search Engine Optimisation

Mad Hat Media offers you a transparent and high quality editing of your website using latest SEO standards – but no bought links and dubious tricks to get your website ranking on #1! [learn more…]

Social Media Marketing

Mad Hat Media helps you to understand social media marketing and how you can use it to increase sales or discover new ways to market to your target group. We offer the full management of your social media accounts or can provide training that enables you to run successful social media accounts yourself. [learn more…] [learn more]

Facebook Training

Bring your notebook or tablet for a fun and informative workshop on Social Media and what it means for your business. No prior Social Media marketing experience is assumed, but familiarity with a personal Facebook account and/or Facebook business page will be helpful. [learn more…]

LinkedIn Training

This workshop is hands on; we are working on your very own LinkedIn profile. This class is for you when you want to learn how social media and internet marketing applies to your business. No prior social media business experience is assumed, but familiarity with LinkedIn (a personal LinkedIn profile) will be helpful. [learn more…]

Website Maintenance

Mad Hat Media’s WordPress websites or eCommerce websites allow most of our clients to manage their websites and online shopping carts themselves. However sometimes our clients may require additional consulting, graphic design or website maintenance services where they do not have the expertise, time or staff. [learn more…]

Website Security

Are you concerned about the security and maintenance of your website? Is your website breaking without you doing anything to it? Has its Google ranking plummeted lately for no reason? Do you get a lot of ‘Page not Found’ errors? All of the above and more are signs of the vulnerability of your website. [learn more…]

WordPress Websites

WordPress supplies state of the art source code and regular security updates that offer you the peace of mind when it comes to hackers, viruses, trojans or spam mails. We use usability and information architecture components to create easy to use websites and put simply stunning designs on top of it. [learn more…]

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