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Beate - Owner

Beate Ruuck is the owner of Mad Hat Media, a boutique online marketing agency based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Mad Hat Media - Online Marketing Fremantle
After completing a two year apprenticeship as Commercial Media Assistant and obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Information in Hamburg, Germany, Beate moved to Fremantle, Western Australia in 2010 and founded Mad Hat Media.

Beate is an experienced project manager and online marketer and has worked with some of Germany’s largest publishing houses such as ‘Springer Verlag’ and the ‘Madack’ & ‘WAZ media group’ joint venture ‘The Media Lab’.

In Australia, Beate offers consulting and online marketing services to large companies including major WA universities, leading freight forwarders and Government Health Care providers but her real passion is the hands-on development of online marketing strategies for small to medium businesses and start-ups.

Beate specialises in online marketing and tailors individual marketing campaigns to suit her clients’ specific needs. Her online marketing campaigns utilise tools such as websites, social media activities (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), location based marketing (UrbanSpoon, FourSquare) and paid options (AdWords, affiliate marketing) to create the highest impact for the client.

Beate is passionate about what she does and subsequently motivates her clients into positive action. Beate and the team at Mad Hat Media deliver outstanding services on time and within budget.

Trust is a key factor in a business relationship for Beate and she achieves this with transparent work structures and constant communication with her clients.

Beate works with a dedicated team of hand-picked designers, web- and software developers and copy writers to deliver outstanding services such as:

Kira - Designer & Photographer

Kira comes from the land of America. Born in the Midwest and spending the second half of her life in Southern California, Kira relocated to Perth, Australia in 2014 and has been enjoying her time here for over a year now. Kira - Mad Hat Media

With a background in Magazine Design and Photography, Kira creates custom web and print designs. She has been creating visual imagery since 2010. She trained at university in global journalism, photography and graphic design. She moved onto social media marketing for small boutique business as well as non-profit organisations. Kira has re-branded companies and helped them find their corporate identities.

All of Kira’s past occupations have made her a great addition to the Mad Hat Media team. She is the resident graphic designer, social media marketer and photographer. From logos to posters to brochures to websites, she enjoys the creative challenge, working directly with her clients, and pushing herself to produce the best work possible. She works hand-in-hand with the developers to make sure the initial design and any specifications from her clients are translated into the final web design. As project manager, she is happy to meet with clients and identify their brand needs and help make the design process a smooth one.

Using the Adobe Cloud, she has all of the tools at her disposal to create whatever the client needs. She is happy to provide whatever files needed for present and future projects. Kira understands her personal style is not always the client’s style, and makes sure to match the business’s brand identity rather than her own. The client’s opinion comes first, and she is happy to help her clients create exactly what they are looking for.

If you’re looking for a distinctive and compelling design, let’s talk.

Joel - Developer

Joel - Mad Hat MediaJoel began his career in IT in 1999, where he worked as a server administrator (amongst other things) while completing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Curtin University. After finishing his studies, he moved on to pursue his real passion – software.

Since then, Joel has been involved in all sorts of software projects. He’s worked on LAMP and Microsoft stacks, server and desktop applications, database and UI design. He’s familiar with mainstream languages like C, PHP and Ruby; as well as oddities like Inform. Joel’s speciality is C#, but in recent years has dived into the web world, becoming practised with technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and WordPress.

At Mad Hat Media, Joel turns designs into functioning websites. He is also something of a troubleshooter and is dispatched to fix bugs wherever they might appear, including on clients’ bespoke sites.

If you want to see what the team at Mad Hat Media creates, get in  touch.

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