First ‘dry runs’ for my Ride to Conquer Cancer

I’m slowly getting my head around the fundraising side and I realised, that raising $2.500 is going to be a lot of work.

Especially in only 4 months time!

I’ve decided to email all my connections and ask them for donations. (Sorry guys, please don’t feel offended by me pestering you!)

I am also organising fundraising events such as our first movie night on the 7th of June – tickets are $20 and $6.50 will be donated (Luna Leederville keeps the rest).

I’m hosting a free Geocaching by bike event on the 9th of June, one for the nerds!

Between work and organising donations I did found time to start my training schedule. It’s rather pathetic, I have to admit, but it’s a start.

Twice a week I will go into the gym and ride the bikes for at least 25 minutes. I will increase the minutes bit by bit.

I’m going to the gym twice a week anyway but now I’ve expanded my training schedule to house longer riding sessions.

The last 4 sessions I’ve managed to ride 12 kilometers in 25 minutes without being too exhausted. But I was also on a gym bike that doesn’t need steering and I was reading a book – so not sure how these times would compare to riding on the streets.

But at least I’ve started, hey!

Ok, would you like to support my ride with your donation, say $20?

Click on my progress bar here:


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